Oct 5

Head makeup artist for „Max Factor Lithuania“ comes back from Dubai specially for Robert Kalinkin fashion show

Aurimas Juodiškis, who came back from United Arab Emirates specially for Robert Kalinkin fashion show, still cannot get used to the colder than normal Lithuanian autumn. Aurimas, who is the make-up artist for “Max Factor”, followed his friends’ advice when packing his suitcase in Dubai, and put in some warm clothes – a sweater, coat, shoes, socks. “It’s cold out here”, the famous make-up artist smiled. One just cannot disagree, as it is 30 degrees in Dubai at this time of the year.

A. Juodiškis says that he came back to Lithuania to finish work that has piled up, but first of all, to do the make-up for Robert Kalinkin fashion models. He will also take care of the models’ hair style – in Dubai he has gathered a team of professional hair stylists. The team, led by A. Juodiškis, will work in R. Kalinkin show since the early morning of Thursday, 10 October.

“We have had a lot of discussions with Robert about even the smallest details: how the models will look like, what kind of make-up and hair style they will have. In order to make sure that we have the same vision, we have even arranged a final make-up rehearsal in Robert’s studio”, A. Juodiškis told, who is “Max Factor” representative in Lithuania, and has a lot of experience in creating the image of fashion models.

R. Kalinkin has said many times that when arranging a fashion show the important thing is not only his contribution and the clothes he designed, but also the work of the whole team, and the common vision of the final result. “It is crucial for me to work with professionals. This is why in the team I have A. Juodiškis, Renata Mikailionytė, who has assisted me in model selection and will coordinate their work in the fashion show, Leon Somov, who has created the soundtrack for the show second year in the row, and many other talented people”, R. Kalinkin gives comments about his team.

Robert Kalinkin fashion show, that will take place on the 10th of October, will not be a simple demonstration of spring-summer clothes. In addition to a spectacular scenography that will cover the whole “Siemens” arena, the designer has invited a singer Jurga Šeduikytė. Together with Leon Somov she will make a live performance and sing the songs from her new album “Breaking the line”. R. Kalinkin intrigues that the acquaintance with his newest fashion collection will begin with the very first step in the arena, but gives no further details.