Sep 30

Robert Kalinkin: „Most interesting details stay behind the scenes"

Over the past seven years Robert Kalinkin has been working not only as a fashion designer but also as a movie and commercials art decorator, set designer, and a TV show stylist. He has contributed a lot to creation of videos about presenting his fashion show too. The designer created and prepared the decorations, selected clothes for the models and checked do they fit perfectly, evaluated how everything looks through the camera lens, and eventually – on the screen.  

R. Kalinkin, who is inviting you to his fashion show in “Siemens” arena on 10th of October, discovered movie and commercials industry seven years ago when he was looking for a summer job. “Everything started when I began to work as an assistant in a TV project about the collapse of the Roman Empire, which was filmed in Lithuania. When I came to the film set in the forests of Nemenčinė, I was shocked to see how easily the cast members lift and carry stones and iron gates. This is how I got to know the illusions of the movies, the props that are always present, but unknown to the viewer. Little by little I lost myself in this innocent lie”, the designer told.

Experienced in working in the sets of movies and commercials, Robert has soon received offers to create decorations independently, and to become the artist of various projects and commercials. „I have got an opportunity not only to do what I was told by others, but also to creat  and make my own suggestions to the team. I must admit: I have always felt passionate about a beautiful shot”, R. Kalinkin says.

The designer himself prefers fiction movies. Among his favorites – not only the film “Alien” but also the popular story of Harry Potter. “A lot of people laugh when I say that but in those movies I see not only the plot, the story, or the special effects, but I also see the decorations and costumes”, R. Kalinkin claims.

Two video clips have been created to present the upcoming designer’s fashion show. “Both last only 30 seconds each, however they contain years of hard work, ideas and discussions, emotions and fatigue, and in the end, when you see the result, it raises indescribable euphoria. It happens that when you are working from dust till dawn, the most interesting things often stay behind the scenes. However, we have recorded them and want to share with everyone – because they are fascinating! It is the result of cooperation of our extremely talented team. I am always involved in the creative process – after all, these are my personal projects. So, whoever works with the projects has to understand and embody my vision”, R. Kalinkin tells.

Watch the "behind the curtains" video here:



The ideas for the video clips were born cooperating with an agency “AD McCann Vilnius”. Both of the clips were filmed by talented operator Ronaldas Buožis. The designer R. Kalinkin himself took care of the decorations, clothes and accessories for the models; during the filming he gave advices about how to act and express emotions.

Leon Somov has created the soundtrack for one of the clips, and adapted his music for the other.  Together with Jurga Šeduikytė, he will give live performance in R. Kalinkin fashion show and will perform songs from the newest Jurga’s album “Breaking the line” that, by the way, was inspired by popular movies too. During the filming of the clips, the make-up of models was created using “Max Factor” cosmetics, which is used in movie sets around the world by professional make-up artists.  

And here are the official fashion show videos: