Oct 9

Robert Kalinkin about tomorrow's show: „Get ready for a pleasant gust of warmth, light and greenery“

A unique, impressive sized catwalk – 30 meters long and more than 500 square meters of surface –with an exceptional cover, never-before seen in any fashion shows. Eight hoists with a lifting power of up to a tone were rented to create the spectacular stenography of the show. All of this and even more will be seen by those who will come to designer Robert Kalinkin fashion show in “Siemens” arena on October 10.

Acquaintance with the new designer‘s collection and the spirit of 2014 spring-summer fashion will begin with the first steps into arena. Therefore, the designer encourages the guests to forget about the heavy autumn clothes, and get ready for a pleasant gust of light, warmth and greenery. A pleasant surprise also waits for those who like to have their pictures taken – the brand wall of the show will be different than usual.

“It is very important for us that the guests of the show feel special. I am sure that we will be able to create an exceptional atmosphere not only on the catwalk but in all of the spaces in the arena. I like to surprise, and I hope that on the 10th of October we will create a miracle”, the designer says.

Guests of Robert Kalinkin fashion show will have things to do even before the beginning of the official event. For one night only, the designer’s shop, situated in the shopping centre “Europa”, will be moved to “Siemens” arena, so, the guests of the event will be able to try on and buy this season’s clothes – warm coats, jackets, cashmere sweaters, bodies or tights. Nearby “Audinių galerija” will open a pop-up shop for the night, where the attenders will be able to see various samples of fascinating fabrics, all of which have been selected according to the upcoming warm season’s fashion tendencies.

In the main hall, the guests will see a spectacular size catwalk with a unique cover. The designer does not reveal any more details: he wants to surprise the guests, and mentions only the fact that eight hoists were rented to help create the scenography of the event – each of them can lift a tone. It took half of a year to create and manage the scenography of the main hall. “I am very grateful for the help of our partner “Siemens” arena, who supported us both physically and morally. Without their help we wouldn’t be able to make a lot of things happen”, the designer says.

Robert Kalinkin has also invited singers Jurga Šeduikytė and Leon Somov to perform at his show. Leon Somov has created the soundtrack of the show second year in the row. After the fashion show, he and Jurga will give a live performance, and sing the songs from her new album “Breaking the line“.

“I have mentioned before that my spring-summer collection will be quite dark and heavy. This idea hasn’t changed: we will look at the upcoming warm season from a different angle. The new collection will give a taste of the urban life, clothes will have more spaciousness, geometric forms and straight lines”, R. Kalinkin says.

On October 10, busy life will begin behind the scenes of the show as well. The team of professional make-up artists and hair stylists, led by “Max Factor” representative Aurimas Juodiškis, will be working hard since the early Thursday morning. The make-up artist who lives in the United Arab Emirates, has came back to Lithuania special for Robert Kalinkin fashion show. The designer, with the help of his wife Agnė and a team of stylists, will dress the models – 30 female and 10 male; and Renata Mikailionytė will coordinate the work of models during the show.

The event is open for everybody. The tickets are distributed by “Tiketa”.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/robertkalinkin and  www.robertkalinkin.com.