Sep 22

Jurga Šeduikytė: „The world of fashion is not a stranger to me"

Robert Kalinkin’s fashion show, taking place on the 10th of October, will not be a simple presentation of his spring-summer collection. In addition to creating extraordinary scenography that covers the entire perimeter of “Siemens” arena, the designer has invited performers Jurga Šeduikytė and Leon Somov. They will hold a live show and together will perform songs from the new Jurga‘s album “Breaking the line” inspired by popular movies.

“I know that, in addition to fashion, Robert loves movies, and recently has been working not only as a designer but also as decorations artist and set designer in creating movies and commercials, also he is a TV show stylist. In a similar way, the ocean of fashion is not a stranger to me. An interesting coincidence is that only a few days before Robert‘s fashion show, I will play a model in premiere of a “No theatre” play. The play will also have a long catwalk and the backstage, models‘ preparation for the show will take place, and a lot of attention will be paid to self-creation with the help of haute couture”, the performer tells, who has been living in Russia for two years, and during the recent year working on her new album in Lithuania.

R. Kalinkin, who is still keeping the details of his show in secret, gives a hint that it is going to be a harmonious fashion and music event, uniting demonstration of ready to wear and haute couture collection, and performance of Jurga Šeduikytė and Leon Somov. “Jurga and Leon Somov will join the fashion show and I am sure will give the audience a fascinating, subtle and deep performance”, the designer says.

Leon Somov also performed in last year‘s R. Kalinkin fashion show in “Siemens” arena. Then he performed together with Jazzu, and even has created a new soundtrack specially for the event. Leon Somov, who frequently chooses R. Kalinkin‘s clothes for his performances, will create an exclusive soundtrack for this year’s event as well.

On the 10th of October in “Siemens” arena R. Kalinkin will present his personal fashion collection for the second time. This year the event will cover the whole area of the arena and will be more than twice bigger than the last year’s event which took place in autumn. As it is common in the largest fashion weeks, the designer will present the upcoming warm season tendencies in the autumn show. R. Kalinkin says that this year there will be fewer models on the catwalk, however, the duration of the show will stay approximately the same, and the collection will be “easier to read” and understand, more cohesive. The designer intrigues that the acquaintance with the latest fashion collection and the spirit of spring-summer of 2014 will begin within the first step into arena, but gives no further details.

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In the picture by Leon Somov – singer Jurga Šeduikytė. The photo by L. Somov also appears on the cover of the new Jurga‘s album, so the cooperation of two artists does not end with music.