Sep 21

Fashion show's casting director: „Most crucial features are models' courage, charisma and proffesionalism"

Designer Robert Kalinkin already knows the names of at least 20 models who will demonstrate his spring-summer collection clothes on 10th of October. The models were selected on Monday evening during casting which took place in the shopping center “Europa”. The designer selected models together with Renata Mikailionytė, a famous model and producer of festival “Mados infekcija”, who has performed numerous similar castings. She says that this time the crucial things were models’ courage, charisma and professionalism.

“If you ask me to name only one model’s characteristic, I’d say that the most important one is professionalism. Together with Robert we have chosen girls who walk the catwalk flawlessly and, speaking in model’s jargon, “work with heels”. The number of models for Robert’s collection is limited, so we have chosen the most courageous and charismatic ones”, R. Mikailionytė said after the casting.
The designer has entrusted R. Mikailionytė to take care of the models and their work both before the fashion show and during it. R. Kalinkin will also invite other famous models to the show who have not participated in the casting. The final list of models will be prepared together with R. Mikailionytė and revealed before the show. “For the fashion show I need 40 models: 10 male and 30 female”, designer says.

During the casting, his attention was drawn first of all by those models that felt confident and were sure they look good: “However, I would like to emphasize that I was looking for personalities who do not overestimate their chances and do not pretend to be somebody else. Of course, models’ height was important, but even more important thing was how confidently they walked on the catwalk and how the girls were “managing” the heels.  There were girls who wore shoes with very high heels, girls who were constantly tripping, and those who have chosen shoes with very wide, much more comfortable heels. Obviously, it is much more difficult to walk with narrow high-heels, so we were looking for those who don’t cheat”, R. Kalinkin smiled after the casting.

He was happy that the casting was performed in a public space accessible to everybody. “The casting was like a small show – so far without my clothes but with an improvised catwalk and music. We also had real viewers – the visitors of the shopping center “Europa” observed everything with great interest. Such an environment was very helpful: we saw how the models react to the audience, how they feel, are they anxious. All of this is crucial for the real event”, R. Kalinkin says.

On 10th of October in “Siemens” arena the designer will present his personal fashion collection for the second time. This year the event will be spread across the whole area of the arena – double the size of the last year‘s event which took place in autumn. As it is common in the largest fashion weeks, the designer will present the upcoming warm season tendencies in the autumn show. The viewers will see up to 60 models mostly dedicated to women – ready to wear and haute couture creations.

“This year we will have fewer models on the catwalk, however, the duration of the show will stay approximately the same, and the collection will be “easier to read” and understand, more cohesive”,  R. Kalinkin says. He plans to surprise the guests of the event with exceptional, unexpected scenography. It will involve not only the catwalk but the entire arena, so the acquaintance with the latest fashion collection and the spirit of spring-summer of 2014 will begin within the first step into arena.